Sunday, October 4, 2009

Musical Demonstrations of 二胡 (erhu) and 籥 (yue)

An instructor of traditional Chinese instruments came to our university (DungHai University in Taichung, Taiwan; I enrolled here for summer Chinese and Taiwanese language courses) and gave a few short demonstrations of playing two classical Chinese instruments: 二胡 (erhu) and 籥 (yue).

Video 1: Instructor playing the 二胡 (ㄦˋㄏㄨˊ) "er4 hu2":


Video 2: Instructor playing the erhu

A closer look at the parts of the erhu:

(Image taken from this site)

Video 3: Instructor playing the 籥 (yue), which was described earlier in the follow-up report to the Confucious celebration:

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