Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aborigine Dances in Hualien, Taiwan

During a visit to Hualien on the Eastern coast of Taiwan, I had the chance to attend an aborigine dance performance. Taiwan's aborigines are well-known for their ability to dance and sing, and these dancers certainly exhibited their physical talent quite well. The tribe that predominantly lives in Hualien is called the A-Mei tribe, which is also the largest aborigine tribe.

Male Group Dance

Harvest Dance - Female Solo

Harvest Dance - Female Group

Group Dance with Sticks

Group Dance with Sticks - Ending

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tina, great blog! I visited Taiwan about 6 months ago and was fortunate to run across this same performance. I found your page in my search to find the music from the performance, but have had little luck. Do you happen to know where I could get a cd of the music they played? Thanks!